Sunday, 1 September 2013


In the world of Zentangle® there are many beautiful patterns. There are the official Zentangle® patterns created by Rick and Maria. There are also many other wonderful patterns created by Certified Zentangle® Teachers and Zentangle® lovers.

I've been toying with a pattern, myself, and would like to introduce it today. 

This pattern, FRAMZ, as I call it, didn't really have an inspiration per se. It is just something that I like to draw. After showing it to a few people, I have been told that it reminds them of frames you can buy, where there are a number of them joined together. I've seen a few sold by Umbra. Maybe that is where my inspiration came from and I didn't realize?

Anyway, I hesitated for awhile to put the pattern out there. It has a bit of difficulty "playing" well with is hard to find the right tangles to put with it on a string to keep the flow going. As a stand alone, it does create its own string, too, which I find quite fun. So, once I was able to create a few tiles with Framz and other tangles co-existing, I decided it was time to share in the fun.

Here you have it, Framz!
I think that the nice part about this pattern is that there is no set order for the shapes. Once you get started you're off to the races. So, there are really only two steps.
Top tile patterns: Hollibaugh, Cubine and Framz
Bottom tile patterns: Printemps, Nzeppel, Framz (with a few Printemps inside)

Top Tile Patterns: Nzeppel, Cubine, Jetties, Knightsbridge, Printemps, Hibred variation
Middle Tile Patterns: Printemps, Framz
Bottom Tile Patterns: Printemps, Framz, Widgets
The shading for this pattern is also fun. I've shaded in many different ways, as you can see.

Let me know what you think of it. I'd love to see what you do with it, too!


  1. This looks like a fun free flowing pattern Lisa. I can see it "big-i-fied" with patterns in each of the frames. I will be out of my garden and off of the bay soon enough and will back to my blog to try your beautiful new tangle.

  2. Looks interesting. Will have to look for a chance to play with it. I really like the tile where you put tangles in all the frames.

  3. Very nice, it could grow in any direction. Like Tangle Jam, I can see it larger with tangles in the frames, or maybe tangles flowing through the frames. Hmm, have to think about that. :)

  4. Lisa, I just did a pattern that is similar to this, but not quite the same. I showed it at the marketing retreat last week and demonstrated it on the video that Suzanne McNeill made. I'm waiting to put it on my blog until the video is done. The difference is that my main pattern is circles, and a variation is squares/rectangles, but they don't disappear behind the others, they have overlapping sections, if you follow me. I'll post it on FB once I blog about it. It's amazing how many patterns there are that are similar yet different. I love your way of doing it also.

  5. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments!

    Caren, I can't wait to see yours!

    The ones I like making the most are those with the tangles inside of the squares/rectangles. After Tangle Jam's comments I've even begun thinking of a large ZIA for a space on my wall that needs filling....

  6. Jenny Perrruzzi, CZT102 September 2013 at 16:34

    Love this one, Lisa! CZT10 rocks.

  7. Love this pattern! Thank you for letting it out to play :-)

  8. This is a great filler for spaces, especially those that need something with light in it, which you have done beautifully in the frames3 set! I'm sure Caren's version(see comment above) is also very practical and I'm always glad when there are't as many things to get wrong as in some geometric patterns!

  9. I love Framz! It is so adaptable when I press my imagination button! It will "go" beautifully anywhere, and go for the Zia on your wall, I have two huge ones up on our walls so far, each very different and each with just a hint of watered down colour! Zentangle has given me a new life and my "dailies" as I call the little black and white squares I do each day, keep me cool, calm and connected to my other love, Calligraphy! Thanks for sharing !

  10. Wat een leuke zentangle,

  11. These are delightful so much to do with them.Thanks.

  12. I love this and the opportunities it brings to anyone that uses this tangle...Thanks so much for all you share! ~Peace & Tangle On!~

  13. I can't wait to try this pattern. I love geometric shapes the most so this will be a wonderful pattern to add to my tangle imagination. Thanks so much!

  14. I love this pattern! I especially love the one you did with printemps in the background. Gear job!

  15. One of the first tangles I've seen this morning. I like it!

    A tangling newbie, Cheers,